Electron 3G Stock and Availability. Please advise

I have a few of our electrons that recently failed and I need to order more. After an extensive search here and online I have not found any viable options. The only ones I did find are either in Trays of 50 from the wholesale store, or as a bundle with a ton of sensors for over $150.

Would you please clear up the following for me.

A. Can you tell me if you are going to release individual electrons back in your regular store?

B. Will you have individual electrons for sale on the wholesale store?

C. Are you not going to offer either of the above, and if you want replacement electrons you need to pony up and buy 50, or buy the $150 sensor kit.

Thank you.

Unfortunately the electron that you need has been discontinued. There is a drop in replacement, but it's only available in trays of 50.


My understanding is that T-Mobile and AT&T are both sunsetting their US 3G networks in 2022. AT&T’s sunset is supposedly February; T-Mobile’s 3G sunset is July 1. (There are rumors that T-Mobile will continue to provide 2G service for some amount of time, but I don’t see any guarantees as to how long that will be.)

I suspect that there will be a number of used electrons available as the result of the above, that is, if you’re looking for the U.S. U260 model.

I personally have a few used U260’s that I’d sell for cheap, as I’m upgrading my devices in the field to Borons over the coming months. PM me if you’re interested.


The Electron U260 has been discontinued as the cellular modem (u-blox SARA-U260) is no longer available from the manufacturer. The ELC314TY is the recommended alternative (u-blox SARA-U201 2G/3G), however it is only available in trays of 50.

Also, neither is recommended for use in the United States. We expect all 2G/3G devices will stop working entirely in the United States at the end of 2022.

The Electron LTE (u-blox SARA-R410M) is the recommended Electron SKU for North America, however it also is only available in tray quantities.

The Boron LTE (BRN402) is the recommended cellular module with pins, and will be available in both single unit and tray quantities.


What is the situation in UK, the rest of Europe and in Australia? Looking for a module with pins. I can only find the 2G/3G Global Boron in the shop - when will a pinned module for these regions be available with LTE and which can survive the 3G sunsets?

There is currently no module with pins that supports LTE Cat 1 with 2G/3G fallback, like the B Series SoM B524 and Tracker SoM T524. The reason is that 523/524 modules use a Quectel EG91 cellular modem, which is slightly too wide to fit in the Electron or Feather (Boron) form-factor.

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