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Is the electron still going to be manufactured ? I am looking to buy some but seems difficult to find, is there any replacement/ another option can be used with same electron functionality?

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The Electron U260 and U270 are discontinued because the modem chip is no longer available. The almost-drop-in replacement is the Electron ELC314TY which replaces both models.

It’s pin and software compatible, however it requires Device OS 2.0.0 or later. A single user firmware binary can be used on all three models, as long as you’re targeting 2.x LTS or later. The modem chip is the u-blox SARA-U201, which is used in the E Series E314/E310 and Boron 2G/3G so it’s not really new, just new to the Electron.

Also, the ELC314TY is only available in trays of 50. It’s not available in individual quantities or kits. The recommended device for new development is the Boron or B Series SoM.

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Thanks @rickkas7 , can you send me the link from where I can order ELC314TY? how can i order it?

It’s available in the wholesale store. You’ll need to sign up separately from the regular retail store. However, it’s also on allocation, so they may not be immediately available, but we do expect them to available again.

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