Electron not showing in console/ device list - Third Party Sim


I am activating particle Electrons through the Setup web page. I have done this many times before but now when I activate Electrons they do not show in Console though I have the light breathing cyan. I am using a third party sim card, Telstra (AUS). I require the third party sim as we use the SMS functionality.

I have a gut feeling that we may have exceeded the quota for thrid party sim cards that can be registed to an account?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. @rickkas7 I know that you have posted extensively on the topic and may be best placed to assist.

An unclaimed device can connect to the Particle cloud but not to your account and hence your Console.
You can claim a connected device via CLI and Web IDE too.

I don’t know of such a limit.
However, if you have never provided your credit card details it may well be that you fell from the free developer tier into a payed tier.
How many devices have you got registered?

@ScruffR Thank you for the response, legend! You jogged my memory!

I was able to claim manually via Web IDE.

I have 100+ devices but have not setup an Electron in a while since using the e-series for most of my projects.

Thanks again!

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