[SOLVED]My new Electron not showing in Dashboard

Hello guys, I just received my new electron. I followed all the steps, added the free 3 months code, activated and now is breathing Cyan. for me is It looks normal, but I don’t see it on my dashboard. Can someone tell me if I did something wrong or I need to go somewhere else to add it on my Dashboard?

@Kuto, I had to wait about 30-40 mins I think for it to show up

@bpr, Ok, let me wait. Did I missed that detail somewhere? or they don’t say it that it will take sometime to show up.
Thank You…

Hello, I just log in this morning and I still don’t see the new Electron nowhere in the Dashboard or the Build dashboard. And the Electron is breathing cyan, so I would think is connected to the cloud.
Can someone help me what can I do to fix this?
Thank You…

If the claiming to your account didn’t work, you can always claim it manually via CLI (particle device add <deviceID>) or Web IDE (in target drawer ADD NEW DEVICE) or …

Thank You @ScruffR, Got it working.

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In trying to fix a problem, I used your idea about the WEB IDE REMOVE and ADD device. I just want to add that the IDE was confused until I killed the IDE and restarted it (didn’t know the added device was an ELECTRON)

Whenever you see Build getting confused it might be due to the cached data.
For this there is a CLEAR CACHE button in the settings drawer.