Electron LTE - Verizon


I recently attempted an install of an Electron based device at a remote park in NC. According to the AT&T Coverage map, there is nothing there.

But, the Ranger uses Verizon had coverage and the Verizon coverage map claims coverage.

So, could I use an Electron LTE on Verizon to make this work? What would be required?



I use both Verizon and AT&T on the Boron LTE and an external SIM. I currently use Hologram.io and have been happy so far, though I won’t be putting them out into the field until the end of the month. My previous prototypes used ThingsMobile, and while they’re cheap I did not have good experience there (specifically, connecting to Verizon was a problem.)

I use CONNECTION_MODE(MANUAL) and the following code in setup().

    sendCommand("AT+URAT=7", 60000);    
    sendCommand("AT+UMNOPROF=0", 60000);
    sendCommand("AT+CFUN=1", 60000);

sendCommand uses Cellular.command() to send the AT commands and a callback prints the results to the logger.



First, glad to hear that you are able to use both services. I am intrigued by Hologram if they can deliver Verizon coverage (assume that means that Particle cannot?).

However, in searching the Hologram community site and help section, I did not see anything about Electron LTE (which has an eSIM) setup. Were you able to get the Electron LTE setup?

Thanks, Chip


Particle only supports AT&T in the US currently. I have the same issue with AT&T coverage in rural areas that you do. It’s spotty at best. By Electron LTE, do you mean the E series? If so, it can’t be used with a third party SIM, so you won’t be able to get it on Verizon unless Particle adds them as a carrier (which I’ve been asking them to do!). Same with the B series.

The options I see are Electron 2G/3G or Boron LTE. The Boron works great with your carrier board, so maybe that’s an option?



I was hoping for the Electron LTE since it would be consistent hardware. That said, the Boron LTE is an option - I just need to finish the carrier board with the Real Time Clock in order to get low power.

So, you can use the Hologram “eSIM” with the Boron LTE to get Verizon coverage?

Thanks, Chip


No, not without modifying the Boron. The SIM pins aren’t exposed. You can use a standard (nano) SIM though. They also sell a more ruggedized SIM.