Electron intermittently connects to cloud

I’ve got a problem which looks to have stumped everyone I’ve run it past so far.

I bought an Electron. Got it setup…was working fine for a day. All of a sudden, I could not get it to connect to the cloud (stuck on flashing cyan). I followed the steps to create and register new client keys. Nothing new happened. I updated firmware. Nothing new happened. I contacted support, and they said that it was probably my SIM card not being recognized on the network.

Fast forward to now. Although I still haven’t received a new SIM card, I bought another electron just for its SIM card. I took the new SIM card out, activated it, placed it in my old electron. I got it connected to the cloud, confirmed new firmware had been loaded, flashed a new program. All looked good with it at my computer.

I disconnected the electron from my computer and plugged it back in. No changes to code, SIM, etc. Now, I’m back at where I was before. The electron won’t connect to the cloud, and hangs and blinking cyan forever.

Are electrons just super buggy and unreliable? The code works great on a Photon BTW. I seriously don’t understand why this thing is possessed.

Can you share the code?
How does the device behave with Safe Mode?
How does it behave with Tinker?
Can you swap the LiPo with the one that came with the new Electron too?

I think I finally got this all sorted. For whatever reason, the Build IDE was trying to contact the wrong microcontroller. Although I had selected the correct device (by starring in Build), when I tried to compile, Build would timeout. I figured out what was going on by looking at my dashboard and noticing that the last handshake time on a photon which had been unplugged for a few days was showing as a few minutes ago.

The only way I could convince Build to point to the correct micro was to disassociate every single device from my account and start from scratch. Although it now works on my new electron, pretty much every installation I had in the field is now down which is super irrirtating.

Nothing works on my old electron still. I’m guessing it was DOA out of the box.

Have you tried the CLEAR CACHE button in Build?
This should help things without the hassle to unclaim/reclaim all your devices (rather messy with 20+ devices ;-))