Electron fails handshake with Particle cloud

Hi there,
I’m running into an issue where my device occasionally fails to connect to the Particle cloud during the handshake phase.

I am running my device in manual mode with system threading enabled, and connecting by using the Particle.connect() function. The electron connects to the cellular network just fine, indicated both by the green flashing light switching to flashing cyan, and by Cellular.ready() returning true. Shortly after, the electron flashes cyan quickly, indicating it is performing the handshake with the cloud.

After rapidly flashing cyan for 10-20 seconds, the electron switches to solid red for a split second, then back to quick flash cyan for another split second, then to solid green for another split second, then goes back to the handshake mode. It repeats this for about 5-6 times before finally successfully connecting.

Has anyone seen this pattern before? I’m curious if this is an issue with my firmware, or if it’s an issue with your server. If it is an issue with my firmware, how would you recommend I fix this?

Attached is a video showing the problem.


Yup, that looks like "cyan with red burst"

But first I’d recommend to attach the LiPo.

Also make sure not to call Particle.connect() again during an ongoing connection attempt.

I’m not sure that it’s the cyan with red burst problem actually. The LED pattern with my Electron shows solid red, rather than flashing, and creating a new key didn’t solve the problem for me. Also, this problem doesn’t occur on every handshake attempt, the handshake works about 25% of the time. If this were the key issue, wouldn’t it fail to connect every time?

I’ll go ahead and try it with the LiPo. Are you suggesting to do so because the Electron may need more current than my computer can supply during the handshake process?

Also Particle.connect() is not called during the connection attempt.

Exactly that.