Electron Eagle file package layout confusion [Solved]

The Eagle file for the Electron that is provided in the electron_master files from GitHub only has one Electron Package called ELECTRONDUALROW. The description says:

Electron socket for a dual‑row header for easy prototyping, with the pins also duplicated to unpopulated through‑holes for easy soldering.

Can someone explain to me what this package is all about? I can't visuallize how the electron would fit into this layout. Do the innermost through holes correspond to the existing pin headers that ship with the Electron? What is the "Electron Socket" and how does it fit into a dual row header?

If this is what the AssetTracker uses, and it looks like it, then it works like this:

The Electron fits in the inner of the female headers. The outer row of headers allows easy prototyping connections using wires.

The inner set of non-populated through holes provide a way to solder male header pins in, facing down, if you want to use a breadboard instead of wires to connect your board.


Aha. I knew there was a sensical explanation! Thanks for the response.

Thanks for the help @rickkas7!

Is there a ‘standard’ single row Eagle device layout available anywhere? I could modify it meself, but all the pins are connected, and disconnecting and reconnecting takes a whole lot of clicking.