Electron with no headers

Hi all. Was looking in the particle store for an electron with no headers but could not find one. Is one currently available or is there plans to release one. Also what would be the best way to de-header the electron as I don’t want to break it.


You could cut off all of the pins flush with the plastic part of the header, but the reason there isn’t a no headers version of the Electron is that there are components on the bottom, including the SIM card slot. It’s not physically possible to mount the board flush against another board like the Photon or P1.

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Ok thanks. What I wanted to do was take the headers off and solder the green screw terminals on then put standoffs on the bottom to fix it to my box

The easiest solution for screw terminals is this. It might not be helpful in your application, but I’ll leave it here in case someone else finds this post through search.

That will do just nicely thankyou very much :slight_smile:

If you’re looking for a low profile option, the pass-through headers that are included on the Internet Button are another nice option.

This is the bottom side:

You can see how the headers surface mount to the bottom, and the Electron would mount through the top side:

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@will Do you know the part number for those pass-through headers?

Hey there–here are a couple part numbers that should work (12 pins though, not 18):

Kaweii / CS25552-24G-M50-0F is the part we use in production, but is likely to only be available for bulk order from China.


This is a search from DigiKey for dual entry headers with 18 positions–looks like there are 1 or 2 good options.

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