Argon without headers

Is it possible to buy an Argon without headers yet? It doesn’t look like that is possible on the store (or Amazon or Adafruit…). I have a need to update an existing feather project with something and I want to use an Argon so I have the Particle cloud. It uses Adafruit’s neopixel feather, so I need one without headers so I can add my own facing the right direction.

Thanks for any input on if or when this will be possible.

This has been asked and answered:


I like the idea of having the option to buy ANY of the boards without headers. Needles to say you can not surface mount boards that have components on the underside. In a case where you want to solder wires directly onto the board it is a bit tedious to have to cut and de-solder the pins. Especially is you need to do quite a few boards.

Having to use doublers and tripplers just adds to the project cost and is unnecessary in some cases.

Just a thought… :wink:

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@peteb, @ninjatill, @TimGTech, since a similar request came up in another thread again I have created a poll for that request. Maybe if this gets enough traction the community may be able to convince :particle: Particle to swallow the one-time cost of “reconfiguring” the production lines and skip the step for soldering the headers but loosely toss them into the package.

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