Poll: Is there demand for Mesh devices without presoldered headers?

With the Photon users had the option to decide whether you want one with or without presoldered headers.
Unfortunately this is not an option for Mesh devices although there is a plethora of 3rd party FeatherWings that could be stacked ontop of these devices like this

But with the currently only available option you’d have to either use a FeatherWing Doubler or end up having the display underneath the controller obstructing the display (not clever tho’ :see_no_evil:)

There obviously is no way Particle would offer both versions (with and without presoldered) but if you had to choose between with or without as the only option, which would you prefer?

  • presoldered male headers (currently the only option)
  • unsoldered headers (headers included)

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Any arguments against the technical viability (e.g. inaccessibility of buttons and LEDs, shielding effect of the top FeatherWing, …) can be circumvented without much effort and one can always opt for soldering the headers as are now, hence they should not be the constraining factor.

However, there will be one-time costs for :particle: Particle to change the manufacturing process (i.e. skip the soldering step) and permanent additional packaging effort for the extra loose headers to bag. These extra costs need to be justified and accounted for.
Participating in this poll can help justifying that - please vote :pray:


Top keep the focus of this threat on the actual poll I have broken out the comments (12 so far) into a dedicated comment thread.
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Comments: Is there demand for Mesh devices without presoldered headers?