Electron Device Dead on Arrival?

I own two ‘core’ devices, three ‘photon’ devices, and five ‘electron’ devices. Needless to say, I’m a fan and have some experience getting these up and running. I’m currently working on setting up the three electrons from my most recent purchase. The first set up without issue. The second seems to be dead on arrival.

I’ve worked through the steps as outlined in setup.particle.io and am to the 4-step process of (1) insert sim (2) plug in antenna (3) plug in battery and USB.

Battery and USB provide no power, and my mac posts the following error: “USB Devices Disabled. Unplug the device using too much power to re-enable USB devices.”

I found the following explanation of the RMA process.

If you’re referring to a defective unit in terms of a mechanical
error/failure or a bug that is deeply embedded in the system firmware
not being flashed properly, then RMA is warranted. Mostly handled on a
case by case basis, with a simple set of steps to verify “dead on
arrival” vs user error.

Can someone walk me through the “simple set of steps” so I can move forward (either with the RMA or with my project)?


The first step would be to open a support ticket here https://www.particle.io/support
It might take a few days, as it is weekend before you get a reply of a “human” Particle employee (meaning: not an auto-reply).