Electron controlled ideas for Dads


I’m about to become a father, and was wondering if there are any ideas out there on projects related to raising a 0-1 year old infant. I’ll be in the lab many days and wondering if there’s a way to leverage the Electron and IFTTT platform to up my dad game with the little tyke. (maybe a cellular mobile above the crib?)

Just seeding it out there for ideas!



Congrats! It’s interesting you are considering an Electron versus a Photon. Any reason? To me Photon = inside, where there is steady WiFi and Electron = outside, without WiFi.

Can’t think of many ideas off the top of my head. An Asset/Baby tracker might be useful. I was thinking about building a RC stroller just last night. Maybe a vest to monitor baby vitals?


Babies love colorful lights so maybe you could build a spinning mobile with neopixel LED lights that you could have go off in random patterns. Just dim the brightness down or have the lights point towards the ceiling or something.

The kids will love the Neopixels at all ages.


Thinking of the Electron just because I have an extra one. I like the idea of the baby monitor vest and LED mobile! The little tyke is gonna destroy the science fair by the time they grow old!


Congratulations! You could hook a microphone or any sound sensor on it really and place it in his crib. Then write a code so if the sensor picks up too much noise, it’ll notify you via IFTTT!
Good luck!


which will be at least 700 milliseconds after your wife pokes your ribs with her elbow! :grinning:

data === $$ :neutral_face:

I like the idea of a mobile that is activated with a few sensors… is it light or dark? is there sound? is there motion? what time of the night is it? All of these factors could be considered if you want to turn on some motion, sound or lights.

great ideas so far… always interesting (read: dangerous to spousal relationship) to experiment on sleeping babies, too!