Electron blinking cyan

For PHOTON blinking Cyan means lost connection to cloud. What does that mean for ELECTRON; that it lost Cellular connection? No, there is another code for that. So where is the error? Does Particle take the cellular message and enter the CLOUD. Is the CLOUD really Particle? Does that mean blinking cyan is an error at PARTICLE? Maybe all this fog is why blinking cyan is not in the Electron Guide? Help please.

Usually blinking cyan is after getting connection to the carrier (WiFi or cellular - blinking green).
First contacting the Particle Cloud servers (same speed as green blink but cyan) and then during handshake with the Cloud (rapid cyan blinking) ending in an established connection (cyan breathing).
Is this what you see or do you see any other cyan blinking?
Could you provide a video of what you see (including the phase leading up to it)?

hmmm i dont see a reply for tis topic. I am getting blinking cyan with a random red. anyone knows what that means?

That is answered in all the threads that address the red burst (as this is the important bit in that color code ;-))

The common solution in these threads is

particle keys doctor <yourDeviceID>
particle keys server

BTW, my post above yours was a reply for this topic, OP just never came back. Maybe it magically cured itself :sunglasses:

yes. i hate magic cures, now i need to install openssl to run the doctor

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particle doctor runs

im attaching a screenshot of the result



sorry. I meant to say that it did the trick. thanks a lot

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