Electron 3G to LTE Migration?

Two weeks ago I purchased an Electron 3G-U260 kit and I just read today of AT&T shutting down 3G. Is there any way to get it to connect to LTE or did I make an expensive mistake?

Thanks for your thoughts.

@shorpal, the Ublox U260 doesn’t support LTE so unfortunately, you will not be able to use it once the 3G service is shut down.

Welcome, Shorpal! I have good news and bad news about the U260. The good news is it will continue to work on T-Mobile until the end of 2022. The bad news is that after that it will be unusable in the US.

There is some hope if you happen to live in an area covered by a small carrier that isn’t yet sundowning 3G (ie Viaero Wireless in mountain west), but that would be a short-term solution, since most carriers are planning on shutting down 3G at some point.

Thanks for the response. I have an electron unit running now from a previous project, and I see it is on the AT&T network. Will these guys just automatically switch over and connect to the T-Mobile network? I see we appear to have their coverage in my area.

Thanks again!

No problem!

You shouldn’t have to do anything for the switch to occur but if you do have any sudden losses of connection let me know and I’ll figure out what’s going on.

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Well that’s great news.
Thanks very much for your assistance.

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