3G Sunset for AT&T?


Hi All,

I’ve bought and deployed a few of the Electron 3G’s in an Ag project in California and I’d like to deploy some more, but I’ve come across the news that 3G is being sunset relatively soon.

After doing some reading, it seems that the Electron 3G will work on T-Mobile’s network through the end of 2020 via 2G. Is this correct?

Is there any shut down date set for AT&T’s 3G network? I see they’ve shut down their 2G network. I can’t find any concrete news.


We believe (but cannot guarantee) that 3G Electrons will continue to work on AT&T through 12/31/2021 using the Particle SIM card. 2G service on AT&T has already ended.

T-Mobile will continue to support 2G through 2020. They haven’t announced a sunset date for 3G.


OK, thanks. So maybe waiting for one of your LTE products is a better idea?


If you can wait a few months, LTE is the way to go in the United States. The carriers are pushing everyone in that direction, and, as an added benefit, the radio modems for LTE M1/NB1 are less expensive and use way less power. That’s why the Boron LTE is less expensive than the Boron 2G/3G.