2G/3G Sunset Update- US-Based Devices Impacted

Hi Everyone-

The long-underway US 2G/3G sunset is undergoing another step change in terms of impact: from the sunset of 3G, the sunset of AT&T 2G, and now a visible but not yet complete sunset of T-Mobile 2G (about 6 months behind schedule according to official timelines).

By monitoring fleet data, we are observing a significant impact on network performance for devices still reliant on these older technologies. Notably, signal quality per device has dropped by approximately 55%, likely contributing to an increase in cell tower handovers as devices attempt to maintain connection by switching between towers with insufficient signal strength. This pattern suggests a struggle to achieve consistent, reliable coverage.

As we have been for some time, Particle continues to urge businesses and individuals operating in the US to transition away from 2G/3G devices as soon as feasible. Other technologies will provide greater signal strength and stability, leading to an overall improvement in network performance.


Colleen - thanks for the update on this. Quick question, the top graph shown indicates an increase in the number of 2g/3g towers? I would expect this to be inverted? Am I reading this incorrectly?