Electron reception quality

Hi all,

Is anyone else finding that the reception quality is relatively poor ? I compare it to what I have on my cell phone and while I can surf the net with my phone the Electron is incapable of connecting to the cloud :frowning:

Just wondering what others are experiencing in this regard ?

Kind thanks,

There are many variables, the biggest is that in order to make a reasonable comparison, the phone and the Electron must be using both the same carrier, and the same network (2G/3G/4G/LTE). This is visible at my home in the United States. I have both AT&T (excellent signal strength) and T-Mobile (very low signal strength) phones. The Electrons with the Particle SIM will connect on either AT&T or T-Mobile in the United States. The 3G (U260) works great. The 2G (G350) signal is marginal, because AT&T doesnโ€™t offer 2G service on the tower really close to my house, so T-Mobile is used and the signal is much weaker at my location. Even on a single carrier itโ€™s possible that not every tower will support all networks, as well.