EchoPhotonBridge with 2.0.0

After successfully upgrading a couple of my home devices to 2.0.0, I decided to upgrade another one that happens to use the EchoPhotonBridge library. I’m now getting hard faults and I’m wondering if anyone else has had luck with 2.0.0 and EchoPhotonBridge.

Also, what the easiest way to downgrade my Photon to 1.5.2? I couldn’t find the recommend sequence. I’d like to get this very helpful device back online.

The downgrade instructions are here in the docs. There are instructions for both USB and OTA downgrades.

@rickkas7, thanks for that reference. I took a quick look yesterday, but simply didn’t notice that very helpful page!

For those interested, I’ve reached out to the EchoPhotonBridge library developer and he’ll be working to update the library soon. Great news for those of us who’ve found that library brings a very convenient way to interact with Particle devices via Alexa!


This is an awesome library with just the right functionality. I haven’t updated my Photon from
OS 0.7 just because it works. Maybe it’s time to “fix” it.

I’ve been using it with 1.5.2 without issue. However, the developer indicated to me he will bring it up to date (2.0.0).