Particle Photon cannot downgrade from 1.3.0-rc.1

Upgraded to 1.3.0-rc.1 using y cannot downgrade to any other firmware available.
This is the first time I had this problem. I need to go back since upgrading I don’t get the blynk library to work correctly.
I tried this on another Photon with a basic program (don’t use any library) and have the same results.
Is this a known problem? Is there a way to fix it using web interface? It isn’t easy to access them from USB.

Thank you!

How did you try to downgrade?

I use Web Build to select any Device OS != 1.3.0rc.1 and flash. The program flashes correctly buy Device OS stays the same. I don’t have any trouble updating to 1.3.0rc.1. I have problems downgrading to anything different.

Flashing an application that is targeted at a previous device OS version is not meant to downgrade the device OS.
The “target” setting only indicates what minimum device OS version is required on your device to run that application.

Tow downgrade you need to download the device OS binaries from the GitHub repo and flash the system parts in reverse order via CLI.

Thank you, didn’t know that!
Any way to do that remotely without connecting Photon to USB?

You should be able to do it OTA too, but I’d be very careful with that and most likely not do it for a device out in the field hard to get to.

Thanks for the help!
Was able to downgrade using
particle flash DEVICE_NAME system-part2-photon.bin
particle flash DEVICE_NAME system-part1-photon.bin