Photon 2 feedback

I have received two Photon 2’s for evaluation for my Internet of Things class. Thank you. If I notice potential bugs with DeviceOS 5.0.3 and the P2 platform (there is no Photon 2 option, but I assume they are compatible) is there a preferred method of submitting the finds to Particle?

You can send your feedback to me or post it here, thanks for asking!

Colleen - sorry to the delay in getting back to you. My course just finished up and I’m starting to focus on whether or not I can use the Photon 2 for my summer semester. Some of it depends on if they will be available in May or not.

I had noticed on an issue with deviceOS@5.3.0 that
count = BLE.scan(scanResults, SCAN_RESULT_MAX);
would return more than SCAN_RESULT_MAX.

However, this seems to have been fixed in deviceOS@5.3.1.

The big limiter right now is that my course use neopixels (WS2812B) extensively. I saw a post from December that was with Rick K. I just replied to that post asking if it is known if anyone has ported a neopixel library to the P2/Photon2. Possibly you might know?

Hi Brian-

Thanks for reaching out. Photon 2s will be available in June, right around Particle Spectra. We are working on neopixel support for Photon 2, it’s part of a current sprint.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Colleen - congratulations on a successful Spectra and running a great session. I am excited the Photon 2's are now available. I am placing my first order for the classroom this week. :slight_smile:

I wanted to ask if there is an update on the path to getting a P2 NeoPixel library, as that is the one roadblock for me to transition my course to the P2/Photon2.


One more suggestion. I placed an order for the Photon2 as soon as Zach said it was available.
Some time later I went on the same site and noticed there is an external antenna for it. I wish the web site suggested it, I would have bought it.
It is too late to add it to the order, so :frowning_face:

Thank you for a great conference!!!

Who knows? Maybe @Colleen can do some magic here?

Hi, have you see this post?

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Mind DMing me the order number? I'll see what I can do

Thanks, Brian!

Echoing Gustavo, Photon2s do support Neopixels so your course should be smooth sailing(knock on wood).