E-series external USB power

OK … simple question. Do I connect external USB V+ to VBUS (pin 3) on E-series 3G module? It looks like the development board has it connected this way but the manual states that the pin will source 5V when connected to USB?

Thanks in advance for any clarification.

Yes, if you are building a board with the E Series module and are including a USB port on your board (recommended), you should connect USB V+ to VBUS.

I’m not sure why the data sheet is worded that way, it’s kind of confusing. The pin description for VBUS in the integration manual makes more sense.


Thanks for the quick response. Very comforting … the integration manual, which I didn’t have, is what I needed.

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One other quick question if you don’t mind. Is it OK to place via’s underneath the module. I’m in a very restricted environment and it would be extremely helpful. I didn’t notice any specific restrictions other than to avoid the pads underneath the module.


It’s fine to put vias under the module in any location other than under the small number of bottom pads.


Thank you. This forum thing is pretty nice. As long as you’re not just some 12 yr old replying as a joke. LOL

Thanks again. Very helpful.