V-USB on B-series evaluation board

Looking for V-USB for a 5V sensor (< 3V output), it does not seem to be available on the B-series evaluation board?

VUSB does not appear to be exposed anywhere.

It looks to me like the most viable location to tap into it is on R61, 0.001Ω 3W resistor, R2512 package. It has the biggest pads, compared to the fuse, USB connector, or the M.2.

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The datasheet schematics are not covering this, but I am guessing it is also ok to power the ublox-usb connector, and get 5V from the UB_VBUS pin on J13 after removing that jumper to USB_DET?

Yes, if you are powering the u-blox USB port then you could get power from J13.