E series integration into eagle project

YO, my fellow Hardware hackers. So I am trying to integrate the E-Series into an eagle project of mine but I have failed and was wondering if anyone out there would like to give me some pointers on it. I had some boards made and I must of Fried my e-series chip. if you were going to hook up a chip via USB would you step down the 5v to 3v3 ? Also, would you ground all the system grounds.

You cannot power the E Series module from 3V3 because the cellular modem requires 3.7V. On the E Series module, 3V3 is an output.

And you most likely did not fry the module. You’re missing a connection between VDDA and 3V3. They’re right next to each other and you can rework that easily by hand soldering a jumper wire.

The STM32 MCU won’t boot if VDDA is not powered.

There’s a very simple E Series design in Eagle CAD in this tutorial.

Thank you. I will give this a try. =)

So I think for the sake of keeping track of this experiment. I am going to keep posting here. But I have made some proto boards from the link you provided. I will get them in the mail soon. Super excited to test them out. I will update with pictures of my build.


Got some goodies in the mail today

also I use allpcb.com they are really good. and they have awesome prices

This bom is missing the 1k 603 smd resistor

Still have to test,



here is the missing part

Nice work! I love seeing the progress here. It gives me a little motivation to eventually try a SOM as well. Keep the progress and pictures coming!

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This board has to be powered with USB and the Lipo battery to register via USB.

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