E-series CAT-M1 Verizon?


I’m interested in building a remote solar-powered weather station to be installed in an area that has a strong Verizon LTE signal but extremely poor to no service on every other carrier. With the E-series having a non-removable SIM, will it connect to Verizon?


Let me ping someone that might be able to help, @rickkas7 or @jberi are you able to assist?


This question has been asked many times on the forum and the answer is a clear NO.

There will be no ability to switch carriers like you can with the Electron that uses regular SIM cards, unfortunately.


Bummer. Sorry to repeat the question but with the new E-series it’s a new device, new modem… I figured it was worth asking again. My intended application is in a remote valley that has zero service from any carrier except Verizon, who has excellent signal. This is a common situation out in the sticks around here.

Thanks for the responses! I’ll keep an eye on the newsletter to see if the MVNO list improves in the future :slight_smile:


I prefer you ask because it lets Particle know that many people want the ability to use the E-Series Electron with different Cellular Carriers vs. being locked into just them.

At least with the regular Electron, we can still do this although we give up the robust solid-state SIM chip that is on the E-Series.


@thespitz @RWB the answer is a little bit more nuanced than that.

The E Series does not have a removable SIM card, which means that you can’t dynamically change carriers on the fly. However, for our enterprise customers, we are able to negotiate carrier agreements with additional vendors that are not already on our existing MVNO list.

This means that, while it is not possible to bring your own SIM to the E Series, that you should let us know what carrier you want your Particle product to support, and we can discuss whether or not it’s possible for us to provide that service. We’ve launched with LTE M1 support via AT&T but it is absolutely possible to add additional vendors to that last (like Verizon for M1 and T-Mobile for NB1) in the future.

For LTE M1, we have access to commercial terms for Verizon support, and would simply need to understand your scale so that we could investigate and provide you with a quotation for data at scale.



It’s great to know that working on those carriers is a possibility for larger scale customers @will