New E-Series 3rd party SIM issue

WIll it be possible to use a 3rd party SIM with a new E series platform, if yes how?

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I’m also curious about this. In the datasheet it shows and states that the MFF2 embedded SIM is connected directly to the u-blox module, and it doesn’t look like there is a normal 4FF SIM holder on the eval board, so I don’t think those pins are broken out for a different SIM to be connected.

However, since the flash and the cell module are going to be customizable, perhaps it could also be possible to customize the SIM with a 3rd party MFF2 embedded SIM. I imagine providing our own 3rd party SIMs to be placed while the boards are being assembled would be rather challenging/impossible, at least before really large scales, but maybe it would be possible to include an option for the Particle eSIM to not be placed so that we can solder on our own while placing the e-series module into our end product?

Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated! I’m definitely interested in the E-Series but haven’t gotten the Particle SIM to work very well in the country we are working in (Nigeria).

The sim is locked into Particles cellular provider. No easy way to use another provider with that module unfortunately.

Right now, the eSIM is not programmable for 3rd party providers. Particle has not released any other details just yet. Stay tuned!

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Particle is on the search for new service providers all over the world to provide international coverage.

Dang. That is really unfortunate for me, not because of the coverage issue but because of the cost of data. For my tighter margin applications, the data rates through Particle actually make using it cost prohibitive and may force me to go with another cellular microcontroller option. Hopefully Particle either lowers their data rates to be competitive (with say Hologram) or provides an easier way to use 3rd party SIM for the new E-series so I can continue using them.

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@BryanS Talk with @will they offer cheaper rates based on your application.


Good to know. I’ll get in touch with him.

@BryanS to reiterate RWB’s point, we provide significant cost reductions for data at volume. Please reach out if you haven’t already to get updated pricing!


hmm,… cost reduction is always good,… if it is possible to provision the embedded sim (i thought that is how these fixed sim cards are used?) that would be GREAT!

Are there any distributors already shipping e-series modules in europe?

@liddlem You may be interested in this.


We’ve been trying to contact your sales team about this (4 times) but have not got a good response on rates. Can you intervene? My business partner has been in contact,

We are still in the process of fulfilling our first production orders but should have access via distributors by the end of Q4.

@hwestbrook who has Neil been discussing with? I can follow-up internally.


Looks like Rashmi got back to us today. Thanks!

Ouch. Just pulled out the new kits I bought a few months ago, went to work out how to use a 3rd part sim and booom. Massive set back now. What was the thought in locking them down? hehe Jokes. ahh well. I haven’t checked the pricing lately. Are you far off in publicising new larger dataplans? Thanks Hayden.