Changing provider on SoM/embedded-SIM products

Hey all,

Is there an option to order the embedded-sim modules with a custom carrier/MVNO/MNO?
I’m aware that “hotswapping” isn’t a possibility until actual eSIM is supported in the future, but as a stop-gap could we order batches of parts with alternate carrier information? Is it possible to change carriers using the embedded SIM?

Borons and Electrons have SIM slots, but we’re very interested in the SoM products, but need to be able to show redundancy for certain customers (can’t single-source cell service).

It is not possible to order devices with MFF2 SMD SIMs (E Series, B Series SoM, etc.) with a different carrier. MFF2 SIMs are basically just a plastic SIM card but in a solderable SMD form-factor and are not at all programmable.

It is not possible to order devices assembled with a different carrier, even if you had a tape and reel of a different carrier’s MFF2 SIM.


Is there a roadmap for eSIM support? I understand that carriers need to implement support, but it seems like a pretty critical feature, especially at enterprise.

Is is possible to have the MFF2 depopulated and provide an off-module SIM slot connected to the SIM breakout pins on the BSoM?