Boron SoM eval board

Hello guys,
I’m lost guys. Does the eval board for boron SoM has option to use 3rd party SIM or not?

According to the board image in the store there’s a nono sim card holder and there are jumpers
to connect the external SIM.

On the other hand the data sheet of the eval board reveals no sim card holder and the jumpers are
not marked as SIM_ABC.

There is no 3rd-party SIM support on the B Series SoM. Even if you create a custom base board with a SIM card socket, it will not work.

The eval board does not have a 4FF SIM card slot; the picture on the store is incorrect.

I’ve found some old topic here regarding replacing the 2MFF card. Thus, I assume it no longer holds true.

Well, if you want to unsolder the MFF2 SMD SIM and replace it, it would probably work, but it would be very difficult to do at scale, and it would obviously void the warranty.

It technically is possible to enable the use of a 4FF SIM card on a custom base board, but it involves moving three 201 resistors on the SoM itself. This too is difficult to do at scale and also voids the warranty.

Also in the growth tier the price is the same for using the Particle SIM card as for a 3rd-party SIM card.

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THX! To the point as usually!

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