Powering BSom on Bseries Eval Board without PMIC

With a bSOM on the B series Eval Board I am trying to breadboard something similar to our target board. We can not use the PMIC so it is disabled in our firmware. With the PMIC disabled, what header do I have to supply power to for the Cell Radio to have power ?

The B Series SoM can be built without a PMIC.

You need to supply 3.3V at 500 mA for the MCU and another supply of 3.7V to 4.2V at 2A for the cellular modem.

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THX, SO I am supplying 3.3v to the pins labeled 3.3V - Am I supplying the 3.7+ to the pins labeled VCC ? I am doing this on the Particle Development BOard for the BSOM. Are there jumpers on that board ?
The BSOM is working on the Development board with the PMIC disabled, the Cell is not. On our production board this is taken care of. But I am working on code for a future board and testing that on the Particle BSOM development board.

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