Download Spark Core APK

I’m looking for the Spark Core java source and/or the APK. No can find… Little help please??

I don’t use Google Play


As promised during the Kickstarter campaign, we will be open sourcing both the iOS app and the Android app. At this point they just require a some code cleanup and clear licensing—you can expect them both in the next couple weeks. Keep an eye on github!


For installation on a android device that is not using google play, where can I source the app apk file?

I would like to install it on my kindle fire HD that does not support the google play store. Sniff


The android app has now been open sourced:

If you just want the APK:


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I have placed the .apk file on my Kindle Fire, but when I try to install it I get the message:

Parse Error
There is a problem parsing the package.

Does anyone know what to do from here to complete the installation?


Have a look here

This seems to be a common (Non-Spark) issue, so I’d guess you will find a lot more tips and tricks with a normal web search machine :wink:

But we are still there if this turns out to be Spark specific, after all.

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