Spark Core Mobile APP in Android Studio

Hi All,

Has anyone been able to build the Spark Core mobile app (Old the one before photon) compiled in android studio? There seems to be many errors thrown for the same. Any help with this is highly appreciated. I keep getting following errors when imported as a Android Studio project.
Error:(27, 5) Resource entry AppTheme.DialogNoDimBackground already has bag item android:backgroundDimEnabled.
Error:(27, 5) Originally defined here.


the only Spark Core mobile app I know if is the one found here. does this app not work? if not, which one are you referring to.

Well i have made some changes to that but when compiling in the Android studio it fails as i guess this was done on eclipse.

lots of errors thrown…thinking how to proceed.

@kant I know that app from the store works with no errors. Not sure what you are trying to accomplish and with out more info its hard to troubleshoot. perhaps you could provide more info to why your messing with something that works?

@MobileRez, I think @kant is trying to build - and possibly alter - the original Spark Core Android App locally and not trying to run the prebuilt one off the store.

I’ve done that a while back and created ExtTinker App, but I used Eclipse and had no trouble.
But with Android Studio I’m of no use - never looked at it :wink:

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Thanks @ScruffR and @MobileRez worked out the issues quite a headache with android studio