Domains permitted in e-mail address to auth in particle app?


With the previous spark ios app, I was able to use my .sexy address to login. I’ve been able to use this e-mail address with the web IDE without issue, and have my two new particles claimed just fine.

I can’t, however, log into the new particle app with this e-mail address. I’m hoping this has just been overlooked and can be resolved in a near-future application update.

hehe, probably immature of me, but that made me laugh out loud! :smile:

“I can’t login with my sexy email address” has a surreal quality to it, and speaks of an unusual fondness of email addresses! jk of course.

Great fun at parties.

Still, it’s a little frustrating that the rest of the ecosystem is fine with this e-mail address except for this one little piece. as someone trying to avoid getting too much into ios dev for a few home automation projects, it’d be great for this to get resolved rather than go through and change my credentials or register a new account with a different address.

cc: @ido our iOS bossman.

Hi Crim

just tried signing up using the address and it worked just fine using the iOS Particle app v1.4.
What is the issue you’re experiencing?

also for app related issues/Qs, please use the mobile category: (this way I’ll see your question quicker)

Solved the issue, the e-mail address appears to be case-sensitive. Name@domain.tld did not work but name@domain.tld apparently matched. The error I was getting stated “invalid address”

Are e-mail addresses intended to be treated as case-sensitive?

In general, my experience is email addresses are not case sensitive, but criteria for login when used as a username can vary as can for any login username. Some systems require case for username, and would consider ABCCompany different than abccompany, and some do not.

The updated app in the app store (v1.5) fixes this issue (as well as the ‘-’ sign in the email domain not accepted issue)

@ido sort of connected question. On the old Spark App we used to have to be logged into the wifi that we were trying to connect the Core to. It looks like on the Particle App that we can be on one wifi and connect the Photon to another wifi. Is that correct?

That’s correct. As long as you have internet connectivity it doesn’t matter.