- Can't Login - Multiple Emails Match

Anyone ever seen particle have multiple users with the same email? I cannot login?

API Error @ Login attemt

{error: "invalid_grant", error_description: "User credentials are invalid"}
"User credentials are invalid"

API Error @ Password Reset Attempt

{ok: false,…}
"multiple existing users match this email address - must be more specific using user_id (1483654032514-30.....)."

I guess for that case, the forum is not the best place to ask.
A support ticked may be the better choice since there will be sensitive infos to be exchanged.

I’ll also move double posts here :wink:

Same issue here, were you able to get it resolved?

Here’s my post.

Thanks @ScruffR. I did submit a case, they’re working on it. I’m not sure if you’re a particle guy or just a community member but if you’re from Particle and would like the case number I have it. Maybe you can PM me or something.


@srfnmnk, @ScruffR is an Elite community member and doesn’t work for Particle. :grinning:


@srfnmnk our Customer Support portal is the right place for this request. We average a <1 business day response time on new tickets, so someone should be with you shortly!

Yep already got a response and they said they’re working on it. Thanks guys.