Does Particle.publishVitals() count as a Data Operation

Does Particle.publishVitals() count as a DO? In the pricing page, it says “Internal events such as device vitals (beginning with “particle” or “spark”) do not count against your Data Operations limit.”

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Hey policenauts - Particle.publishVitals() doesn’t count as a Data Operation. Hope that helps -


It does count towards your data limit though. Documentation says it’s about 150bytes to send vitals, but in my testing I am calculating 1500-2000 bytes per publish.

@Jakadia - yes, that’s true - it does count against your data limit. However, the 1500-2000 bytes value seems large, perhaps it’s worth opening a support ticket about this?

How are you determining the 1500-2000 bytes per publish? Vitals are sent in a binary format from device to cloud and then re-emitted as a JSON event. If you’re byte-counting the JSON event that is not a good measure for bytes over the cellular network.


I setup a new device and let Particle.publishVitals(120) and let it run for 24 hours. I checked my data usage a few times since and it reached 1.15mb.