Do Lithium Ion batteries work with the Core?

I didn’t realize till after that I ordered lithium ion batteries instead of LiPos, but would they still work with the Spark Core?

How are you connecting the battery to the Spark core?

I used them with the core before using 2 in series and running through a power supply shield to give 5v.

Just treat it like a normal battery source and the only difference is the charger for the battery.

Other than that there’s no difference with Lipo or other battery in terms of usability with the core :slight_smile:

I haven’t connected them yet, but I was going to use the battery shield, so would that be fine if I just used one with the battery shield?

I look through the MCP73871 datasheet which is the charger IC and it state Li-ion/Li-polymer. IMO it works fine.

Let’s have a confirmation from @mohit or @Bdub before taking a risk from a beginner’s opinion :wink:

@kennethlimcp @himat it’s confirmed! Li-Po and Li-Ion are both fine.