Core with LiPo Charger connection issue

Hi, I have a question about connection with LiPo Charger adafruit usb LiIon Charger.
Seeing above thread, It is very very hard to solder to anode of small diode of Core near the usb input jack.
So I found that output voltage of power regulator is 5v,
I wonder if I can connect it to battery charger input (See the picture below) without any power problem.


are you trying to power the Core with the Lipo battery or using the same USB cable to power the Core and battery charger?

This charger is designed as a backpack. It is soldered to the uP board, such as a Pro Trinket, and then when the uP is connected to USB the LiPo charges. When the USB is removed, the LiPo takes over powering the uP. Very slick and something that would be a good option for Photon and Electron.

I want to use same USB cable to power the Core and battery charge so that I don’t need mini-usb ( That charger uses mini-usb to power on ).

Ok so when there is no USB power, the Lipo battery should provide the power?

Yes. and I will connect ‘on/off switch’ bettween battery out of charger and core Vin…

Actually, I live in South Korea, it costs much to send that item you linked to my country.
In my country there is a vender company to sell my charger and item 1904 with cheap shipping charge.
so I will buy item 1094 because it is smaller one if I can connect charger and Core from Regulator.

I think what @Bendrix suggested might be a better hardware if you have not purchased the hardware.

Using the,

You can feed power to VIN via the LOAD JST connector.


If you are want to add a switch, you can feed power via the VIN pin of the core.

DCIN (+)  Vin   LOAD (+)  

I mean that I do not want to use mini usb of Adafruit charger to power Core and Charger.
I just want to power Core and Adafruit charger via MICRO-USB of Core.
It is anoying when I can not use micro-usb to flash Core if I don’t use MICRO-USB of Core.
That is why I ask here if I can solder output of power regulator in the Core

You should solder to the INPUT of the regulator or VIN.

Here is what I want…Is it posibble?

That pin that you are pointing to is pin 1 of the MCP1825S which is a 3.3V regulator. Pin 1 is the INPUT, 2,4 is GND and 3 is the OUTPUT. The INPUT (pin 1) is the same node as the VIN pin on the Core, so this is not what you want. You really need to pull voltage from the ANODE side of D1, which is VUSB. Unfortunately this was not broken out on the Core, but if you get a fine tip on your soldering iron, you should be able to solder to it.

Well, I think soldering to ANODE side of D1 is a little dangerous to me and when I meet the situatioin of maintenance I should desolder… I would find better way…Thanks.

@Bendrix I would love to be able to just solder on the Adafruit Lipo backpack, but as you can see from the referenced thread we talked about this before and the way that works with the Trinket so well is that it has a Diode-OR’d power source. The Core does not, which is why I have proposed the external diode:

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Great, thanks for having a look at this and I’m glad you’d also love to have an option like this to attach to Electron and Photon. Perhaps this accessory is something Particle will provide in the future. I can see it being very handy with an off the shelf solar charger, especially with the Electron.