Disconnected after moving to US

I have photon that has been working fine in UK, it does simple data acquisition using Blynk library. We then need to ship this unit to US for demo. I understand with the DNS problem of blynk, but I believe no such an issue with Particle cloud. But when we switch on the unit in US, it looks to be connected (breathing cyan) for few seconds, get the connected event on Console dashboard, then it does disconnected (blinking green). We have tried many things, reproduce on second unit, and also try to VPN back to UK. None of them work. Let me know if code is needed, but before that I can tell it does Blynk.virtualWrite() perhaps 5-10 per second.
Setting it to safe mode is difficult, as it in sealed, fragile, tiny space casing. So if anything can be done before that would be helpful.


Could it be that you got the device set for WiFi.useStaticIP() at any point in the past?

Not really, we use phone as an access point in UK as well, and I can see it has come online and reach cloud for few seconds before drop out…

Could this be related to the US having two less wifi channels then Europe? I’ve seen that before.

It was connected, register to cloud for few second… and then after that disconnected, but I believe wifi still ok as it has blinking green (and the access point still registering device connected).

Thinking again, as it has actually connected for few seconds and register to particle cloud, I wonder if the problem related to invalid key. I would imagine Photon that always connect from european IP address, then change to US IP address, being automatically block by some particle server mechanism…

Anyone able to help? could it be key related that not prepared for International movement?

Can you place it in Safe mode and see if it stays online?

If you think that it could be a keys issue, you can run “keys doctor.” Here’s our documentation for how to run that command as well as a few other keys commands.

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If you PM me the device ID or create a support ticket referencing this post with the device ID, I can check the cloud logs and see if they show anything. There should be no problem with moving a Photon between the UK and US.


Hi, yes it looks like the safe mode able to get the device connected longer until I flash the code. So I guess it is pointing to the code, although the same code behaving fine in UK. Can I know how to send personal message to give you dev ID?