Disabling auto updates, Local Cloud

I’ve setup a localcloud with a couple of Particle Photon’s which is working really nice. However sometimes the Photon’s are doing something. I assume they are updating as the led is flashing quickly. Some Photon’s are done quickly and start working again, others keep flashing for hours.

Is there a way to disable these updates?

What color is the flashing?
Also please note that local cloud doesn’t support (I.e. Not rigorously tested, “may have problems”) the Photon per the readme.

It’s rather unlikely that the blinking you see is an update.

Is it blinking magenta or are you reflashing the devices via Web IDE?
Especially if they are setup for local cloud, there won’t be any talking to the Particle cloud, I’d say.

The colour is continuously the same a sort of blue/green like and it’s flickering quickly. I didn’t see it in the docs: https://docs.particle.io/guide/getting-started/modes/photon/#standard-modes

I’m not flashing through the Web IDE. It seems to happen random, mostly after I connect the devices when they are not used for a while. That’s why I thought it might be updates.

Flashing/update is magenta.

Rapid cyan is cloud handshake to (re)establish connection.