Dim d7 pin on 3g electon help needed

hi guys

i have a 3g electron, it has a d7 led that is dim lit, no other led is on, no status led, im not sure how to fix this and hope someone can help, im here for 2 days so hope to get it sorted if posible, only have a laptop and usb cable so dont no if thats enough, no buttons seam to do anything, and as far as im aware te laptop doesnt know anything is pluged in

any help would be amazing
thanks Karl

The flash memory on your Electron has been erased. The only way to recover it is using a SWD/JTAG programmer; you won’t be able to do it with just your laptop, unfortunately.


hi so im guessing mine is a gen 2, and i require a debug unit aswell or have i read this wrong,

looking at the unit as i cant get into dfu mode im thinking it will be ok as you said nothing is on the unit,

this is what i found and think is the process?

  • Connect your Particle device to the debugger:
  • Connect the debugger to your computer or Chromebook
  • Or, for some Android phones, use a USB OTG adapter between the debugger and your phone.
  • Power your Particle device by USB or battery. It cannot be powered from the debugger.
  • Put your Particle device in DFU mode (blinking yellow) by holding down MODE and tapping RESET. Continue to hold down MODE while the status LED blinks magenta (red and blue at the same time) until it blinks yellow, then release MODE.

The exact process will depend on which debugger you use. You won’t be able to get into DFU mode because the bootloader has been erased. The only way is to use an external programmer.

The Electron is a Gen 2 device so one option is a ST-LINK/V2 SWD/JTAG programmer. There are clones available for less than US$10 which work fine.

The other options include:

  • Particle Debugger, which is no longer sold
  • Generic CMSIS-DAP debugger, which can also program Gen 3 and P2 devices
  • Segger J-LINK, which is expensive and normally used only for mass flashing many Gen 2 or Gen 3 devices. Does not currently work with the P2.

thank you for the replys i need to do some research now this is a bit out of my depth so not sure how i will go but either way i need some extra gear

thanks Karl