Different wireless network, same wired network cloud doesn't work

Weird but true, I really am not an IT dude:
I have a work network “workwired” and "workwireless"
For testing use a “testwireless” network connected to “workwired”

If I try to retreive variable from a core on “workwireless” the command fails from the particle cli.
If I try to retrieve variables from a core on the “workwired” network. I succeed.
If I try to retrieve variables from a core on “testwireless” network. I succeed.
Pretty much anywhere else, personal hotspot, home, etc. I succeed. Doesn’t anyone, know why? I have undated by code to compile with 0.4.6 other than that no changes???

Any thoughts would be welcomed.


Is your Core connected to these different networks and working or not?
Or is your Core always on the same network and you are only querying that Core via these networks?

If it’s the Core that’s “roaming” than there might be multiple reasons like closed CoAP port, an Enterprise encryption scheme, captive portal, 5GHz network, channel greater than 11.

it (core) is always (and only has credentials for) “testwireless”

Is “workwireless” a different subnet on the same LAN?

Perhaps there is a port that needs opening or a DNS issue with that particular subnet or A/P?