Particle Web Script - Duplicate Network SSID's when scanning

Not sure where to post this, but I believe the community at Particle can lend me a hand.

In our little web app, when our device is in listening mode (searching for WiFi), our web app makes the user connect to the network the device puts out and then connect the device to the WiFi network.

All this is working successfully, however, recently I noticed that it sometimes has multiple networks with the same SSID names. See for yourself:

We are using the webapscript.js, however, I cannot locate the documentation. I tried Googling many things related to it, but can’t find the place that I downloaded this source code :frowning:

Hi @WibbitRealHard!

I’ve seen this before, usually in contexts where there are numerous network repeaters broadcasting in the same area. Is that the case here? Are you blocked from selecting the correct network as a result?

Sorry for the late reply, I lose the credentials to this account.

There are numerous networks in the current scenario we are dealing with. We had problems in the past when we were selecting the WRONG network with the same name.

We haven’t really resolved properly… we just guess which network is the real one… :frowning: