Device modes videos down

In the docs, the short demo videos of how to put a Photon into different modes no longer play. I suspect this is because they are hosted on Vine, which is no longer an active service.

seems ok for me - at least now

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They seem fine on my end as well. Did you try the usual (different browser, clearing caches, incognito etc)?

Still doesn’t work on desktop. Chrome Incognito (Extensions disabled).

Works on Mobile though.

Not a big deal for me, but it could be for other people.

Do you have a Javascript blocking extension installed? The LED animations aren’t actually videos or GIFs, they’re actually SVGs animated by Javascript.

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I’m referring to the embedded Vine videos. The animated SVGs work fine.

Oh, yes, you did in fact say that. I might have to take those out. There are only videos for the Photon and Core, anyway.