Determine Electron firmware version

Hi guys,

I’ve a electron somewhere out there and it had 0.5.2 during delivery.
I tried to update using cli (particle flash E02 system-part1-0.5.3-electron.bin, particle flash E02 system-part2-0.5.3-electron.bin), but the log did only show spark/flash/status “started” but no finished or similar.

If I select the electron in the “build”-module the version shown is still 0.5.2.

Is this the (only?) reliable way to determine the current firmware?

kind regards

particle serial inspect and particle identify are the better ways.
In Build you might have to clear the cache to get a more reliable result.

okay, i should point out that somewhere out there means about 200km away in my customers restricted area. particle serial inspect or identify is no option,…

Is there no note in the log confirming an successful flash of an electron? or any other way to determine the version (yet)?

hmm,… not sure if it was in the docs before :smile:

Determine the version of system firmware available. Returns a version string of the format:
Such as “0.4.7”.[/quote]

Particle.publish("System-Version: ", System.version());

In addition I want to point out that after a successful upgrade it publishes an event named “spark/flash/status” with data success.

Yup, if you were looking for a way how your own code could tell, then this was there since - … well … - 0.4.7 and now we are at 0.5.3 :wink:

Hello @joky
Today I update via OTA one electron from version 0.5.2 to version 0.5.3 and I noticed the same thing.
After the update (you can supervise the activity and when completed via console logs), in the WEB IDE will again displayed as 0.5.2. To solve this problem need to flash the same program with version 0.5.2. Once the flash is complete, in the Setting option needs to click option clear cache. Then this will show as the 0.5.3.

thank you for this hint!

unfortunately the OTA update failed for some reason :frowning: