Deploy Low Power WiFi 6 with nRF52840 Xenon

Have Xenon boards lying around do nothing?

Why not WiFi 6 enable them with USD$10 low power nRF7002-EB from Nordic Semi?

The nRF7002-EB ( is a neat little castellated expansion board with WiFi 6 2.4GHz / 5GHz support that can easily be turned into a FeatherWing HAT. The Nordic Semi's board provides advanced security, seamless coexistence with Bluetooth LE, and more.

Xenons can be reflashed to make excellent Zephyr RTOS dev boards. With the WiFi 6 nRF7002 dual-band, these boards can provide even greater applications where low power is important.

Huge opportunities await with Nordic Semi bringing out a host of new SoC and SIP series

  • nRF54L15 ultra low power replacement of nRF52840
  • nRF54H20 fast multi-core/multi-protocol
  • Low power SIP for LTE/NB-IoT modem with GNSS and DECT NR+ (nRF9161 and mini SIP nRF9131)
  • nRF7002 low power WiFi 6 with Bluetooth LE
  • nPM1300 PMIC with fuel gauge

It'll be interesting to see if Particle adopts any of these SoC or SIP in the next few years, esp. the mini nRF9131.


This is super cool!

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