nRF Sniffer on Xenon


I’m doing some BLE debugging. Is it possible to flash the nRF Sniffer firmware onto a Xenon? The documentation for the software seems to suggest it’s compatible, but I understand there may be some differences. Otherwise I’ll likely end up getting the dongle.

nRF Sniffer for Bluetooth LE


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Rather than logging this topic under Firmware category how about under BLE which has been created to focus on all things BLE related.
Personally I use the nRF Connect App on my phone.


Thanks, yes I already use the app as well. I’d like to use Wireshark to capture traffic rather than directly integrate.


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I am totally unrelated to the topic and have little idea of what can be done.
But you mentioned wireshark.

If you would install the desktop version of nRF Connect App on a computer, would that help on getting the logs you want with Wireshark?

Another option would be to run Wireshark (or equivalent tool) on your phone, but for that you need to have it rooted and build the tool yourself, so it seems.

Good luck!