Wifi Scanning Chip


We use an ESP32 in conjunction with our Bsoms, which we use for wifi scanning for mac addresses + signal strength which we use for precision location tracking. We are looking for a standalone chip we could use to do this, since running an additional microcontroller seems like overkill and big footprint wise for what we are trying to do.

I saw that Nordic came out with the nrf7002, which looks like it could be a good candidate, but it I am not sure if it could integrate with Particle device os. I am not sure if it is possible to develop a driver as all the code I’ve seen surrounding this chip relies on nordic’s sdk.

How would I go about integrating this nordic chip with particle firmware wise, is it even possible? Or can you recommend a chip we could use to satisfy our need.

If you have a working solution, I would stick with that and not invest a lot of time into creating a more efficient version. I can’t say exactly why or when, but there may be a device that would help solve this problem in the future.


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