Deleted all webhooks but they are still being called

I was having trouble with webhooks so I deleted them all using the CLI, I get the response below when I use the list command.

C:\Users\Joe> particle webhook list
Found 0 hooks registered

However when I publish a message using the below code the webhook is still firing

Particle.publish("AnimusDataWebhook", "{}", 60, PRIVATE);

CLI output :


How can I fully remove all webhooks associated with my account?

Any new webhook I create and delete is not listed in CLI but does get called.

How much time did you leave between deletion and your last test?

Are the webhooks still acting up or have your changes meanwhile filtered through to all servers?

I waited 4 hours originally but having waited over night its working.


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I am having the same issue. Will publishing an event, I that two request were sent to the url (hook-sent). However in the answer, one was using my updated template while the other was not.
So I deleted all webhooks. But when I publish the event, one webhook is still answering, while it does not exist !

Same here.

I am unable to test latest version of my webhook because particle cloud servers are still firing a number of my old broken webhooks that I have since deleted.
Looks like deleting a webhook and recreating it does not actually delete the old one but creates a duplicate instead. This is, however, much random and I have been unable to find what causes it.
What I have now is no hooks listed but when I fire the event, many hooks are fired (all old versions of the hook I was developing).

Please fix it.


I have the same issue with old webhooks not actually being deleted.

I’m having this problem now also. Did anyone work out how to fix it?

I hate to “me too!” this, but the messages here are months old and it looks like this is still a problem.

I needed to update my webhook, and saw that the CLI doesn’t have an “update” operation. “So I guess the create is idempotent,” I said to myself. Not so much. I created several events with the same name before I noticed, which then triggered in parallel. This is fine, I guess, but kind of unexpected. I then deleted the extra ones, without the duplicates stopping. Then I deleted the last copy of the webhook. The callbacks were still coming in. I restarted the device, repeatedly. No effect – still getting callbacks after reboot. I tried re-creating and re-deleting the webhook. No effect.

Went to the dashboard, and I definitely don’t see a webhook registered for that event.

Still getting the callbacks, though. Will nothing stop the madness? I’m sure Particle doesn’t want to pay to process 4x unwanted messages.

So, two things, I guess:

First, Particle may want to consider adding an ‘update’ to the CLI or at least throw on a duplicate on the create event (yeah, I know, primary ID is clearly the GUID, but if you can list you can search a non-indexed field as long as n is small, right?).

And how the heck can I get rid of those zombie webhooks?

Hi All!

Thank you for the reports! This issue has sprung up again recently, and we’re testing out a fix on staging, and hope to have it deployed soon.


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A few days ago we had a few topics open about the same issue. I currently have 4 or 5 phantom/zombie hooks communicating with the cloud. If you take a look here: you’ll see that they are looking into resolving the issue. In the mean time, feel free to use the method I suggested on that post for filtering out the excess hooks.

Me too!

I’m having the same issue. Wish Particle resolves it quickly

As stated in

My zombie instances are gone now. They seem to have been cleared during the night.
Just to wrap it all up, what I did was deleting all the webhooks and recreating them. Then it’s a matter of time. Anyway, Particle is probably already looking into it.
Thanks everyone.

Seems to be fixed now: Why is my webhook request running several times with one call?