Default configuration schema in tracker-edge repo?

Would it be possible to keep the default configuration schema in the tracker-edge repo? (or can you point me to it in case it’s already there and I just missed it?)

I see that it’s provided here - Tracker Configuration | Tutorials | Particle (which incidentally has not been updated to reference the newer v13) - but it would be really helpful to have this in the repo itself since it’s tightly coupled to the firmware.

This would also make it easier for custom firmware to be kept up to date with upstream; I have tracker-edge on github set up as a git remote so I can merge in newer upstream firmware changes, but ended up having to manually merge the config schema changes.

The schema version doesn’t always exactly match the Tracker Edge version number. It was just a coincidence that it did up to this point.

The v12 schema is the latest schema available.

The reason the schema isn’t available in a Github repository is that it it’s part of the closed source part of the configuration service. We’ve considered creating a public repository for the schema, however it would need to be manually updated, so it’s just as likely to be wrong as the documentation.

The definitive source is getting the default schema from the Particle Cloud API at this time. However, the ability to merge through git does make sense as something that would be useful to do, so I’ll see about adding it to tracker-edge.