New Tracker One

Just got the tracker one. It is running v18 but on the console I can not see the store and forward tab. Is there something I have to turn on?

I'm seeing the exact same issue (missing Store and forward tab) in the console for new Tracker One eval board and havent been able to find where to enable it. Also running on v18.

The selection of tabs comes from the default schema, not the firmware on the device. If you've ever installed a custom schema or tried an example like the engine RPM demo, the schema will get stuck at what ever version you installed. It also could be overridden with a per-device schema, but that's less likely.

It's not clear that this is the cause of your problem but it's worth a try. Just use the Restore Default Schema button here.

You may need to scroll to the top and log in if you're not already logged into your Particle account.

Restoring the schema to the defaults didnt fix the missing tab, and the error about missing device parameters not matching the schema in the console remained. I think the 'default' schema in the help docs is still the older version since it doesnt have any references to "store and forward" in it anywhere.

I was able to fix it by manually downloading the schema file from github here:
And then pasting that text it into the schema editor here:
And then uploading it to the product.


Yes I was able to get it from the documents page rpm demo. I did try resetting to default and I agree I think it must be a older version.

Thanks for the help. On to lean with this more.