Data visualization based on data rate

Hi! … from different existing alternatives for data visualization for Photon, does anyone know which is the one supporting higher data rate. Thanks

Hi! Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately this is a pretty open-ended question. What exactly do you mean by data rate? What services are you looking at using or what services are you considering?


Hi @harrisonhjones … thanks for your reply … i have a device wich is connected to a photon device via serial, and it provides a 16bit sample at a rate of 512samples per second (a sample of 2 bytes each 2ms), and i would like to visualize the value of all the samples with the possibility of use different visual templates. Thanks

512 samples / second at 2 bytes / sample is 1024 bytes / second = 1 KBs. I’m not sure of any data visualizer which can support this in real time. Why do you need such a high sample frequency?

… that’s the problem, it is defined by the external device and it is not configurable :frowning: Anyway, my question is just which of the available data visualizers suports the higher rate for the incoming data. Thanks

I’m not sure. Do you need to push all the data you get to the visualizer? You could also just throw away samples.

Unfortunately I don’t maintain a list of visualizers (though I probably should). Do you want an online visualizer or one just for your PC? Perhaps that would help others chime in with ideas.

Hi! I could truncate each sample taking just the 8msb … At first I was looking for an online visualizer. Thanks for your help!!!

Hi! @harrisonhjones … according to this info, could blynk with a local blynk server be a valid option? … has anyone proved that? thanks

Yes, you could use a local blynk server, or use something like Ubidots or alternatives